Haim Odem

Haim Odem

Haim Odem was born in Georgia in 1947 from parents originated Ukraine. In 1965 he enrolled in the Tbilisi Academy of art, one of the oldest universities in Georgia, where he studied art, architectural design and the design of metal artifacts. After studying 7 years, he is awarded with a master degree in art.

The liberated Jerusalem, as a result of Israel winning the 6 days war in 1967, created fascination to the artist and great motivation to be part of the rebuild of eternal capital of the Jewish people.

After several years struggling with the Soviet authorities, Haim Odem emigrated in Israel, together with his family. Shortly after his arrival in Israel, the artist settled in Ofra, located in the Judea and Samaria region, where he resides until today with his wife and two sons.

Haim Odem has great knowledge and expertise in the art during the first and second temple period which is often a source of inspiration in its artwork.

Haim Odem is a renowned artist in Israel and Master Craftsman for the Temple Institute. He was chosen to design and build Temple Menorah, the seven-branched ancient lamp stand, which is the emblem of the modern state of Israel. This artwork currently stands in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, overlooking the Temple Mount. He also created other Temple vessels on behalf of the Temple Institute, including a model of the Ark of the Covenant.