Hana Levi

Born in Jaffa-Israel in 1950.

A neutralist artist, with a tendency to realism, impressionism and expressionism.

Hana has spent her entire childhood and youth in Tel Aviv and its suburbs. Even long after marrying, she stayed and rooted and attached to the city.

Graduate of "Rennanim" art school, guided by Mr. Zvi Tadmor, and a member of many workshops.

Hana paints the scenes of her youth and her spiritual and artistic world, influenced by Tel Aviv's distinctive and colorful personas and the famous Neve-Tzedek atmosphere.

Hana is a member of different art workshops and a graduate of Okashy's art workshop, an Israeli award winning artist. Hana has also participated in other art workshops, including the Rishon le Zion artist union guided by Mr. Dov Kalman and workshops at the Avny institute for art.

Hana guides workshops voluntarily from time to time at different schools. Her Creations are abundant with plasticity and multi-styling. She paints and creats from the inside, using acrylic, aquarelle and oil paints.

Hana's aquarelle paintings are soft and leave a sense of relaxation, sagestic, emphatic and delightful emotions. Her paintbrush intensely marks the canvas in her oil paintings, creating a unique contrast along with artistic harmony.

The beholder of her paintings will easily notice the ritual of motives, the objects of her creations: heritage, family and unconditional friendships. All of them appear constantly in her creations and supply the power that moves her deep and spiritual world.

Hana is a woman of many talents. In addition to her being a naturally gifted artist, she is also a family woman. Hana volunteers regularly in organizations for the community but spends most of her time working on her art.