Hans Buijtendorp

Hans Buijtendorp

Hans Buijtendorp was born in the Netherland in 1947. His family was closely affiliated to art, music and drawing. Hans as a youngster of 15 years showed a remarkable sensibility and maturity in his expression of music. His preferred choice was the “Cello”. His choice of music is the Modern Music.

As the years pass, Hans shows particular talent for painting and art in general. Hans’s teachers encourage him not to abandon or waste his talent but to persevere in these directions.

Hans’s family lived in an artistic atmosphere. His father who was a skilled designer encouraged him not to abandon his remarkable natural talent. During his younger years, Hans’s father used to mix in an artistic clique and also draw portraits. During the years of the great depression he was able to maintain his family thanks to his Art.

At the age of 16 years Hans leaves home to continue his studies as he desires to be independent and earn his own income.

Hans, at the age of 20 years, having completed military service, settles in Baarn, a charming small locality frequented by numerous artists. This is very good for Hans as he finds common interest and affinities with these Artists. They accept him as one of their circle and urge him to persevere with his art and his painting – not only as an amateur but also as a professional. Through his painting, music and photography, Hans is able to express his joy and happiness in what he is doing.

Photography, because it brings in the bulk of his income means that he devotes most of his time to this aspect of art. He produces photos for the shipping sector and for Advertising. Even although he is able to make a good living, he is also forced to make certain sacrifices – very soon his work demands that he renounce the vocation of art. He is very aware of this necessity to renounce art and it greatly depresses him. Hans is an extremely sensitive person and because he is not yet mature, this extreme sensitivity makes him vulnerable.

It’s devastating and Hans tumbles down into “nihilism”. His extreme sensitivity and passion to improve his knowledge drives him from his work, from his creativity and from listening to his true friends. The atmosphere of the “night” and alcohol take over, tears him away his true life and destroy him.

Hans is saved, if there is a god of artists, by this great Being! It is those inner characteristics of the Northern People which are inbred in Hans even though over shadowed by the Latin sensitivity that win out in the end.

Hans has a long and painful journey back causing much pain and a great mess in his life. Hans in his quest for clarity, light and purity of colors comes to settle in Israel in 1995.this is a major change in his life. He leaves the nebulous Netherlands and come to live in Israel . Elation, ecstasy with his new surroundings especially the sun in Israel . This period is a small hiatus but without turmoil and crisis – a period of adaptation. He turns once again to painting, gradually and with hesitation and trepidation.

It is only in 2010 that Hans seriously returns to his painting. The paintings of Hans are characterized by their luminosity and their very particular colors. A new world of sentiments, strong and delicate at the same time are unveiled as a result of his new strength, from the tumult in his life, expressing hope, his setbacks and last but not least his serenity in his new life.

Hans has exhibited his works in the Netherlands, in Baarn, in Belgium and in Israel in Jerusalem and Ashdod . His paintings have been sold to private Art collectors, both in Belgium and Israel.

Hans is a member of the Artist House of Ashdod where he has often exhibited his works. His paintings have also been exhibited at various Museums in Israel .