Meir Sternberg

Meir Sternberg

Meir Sternberg was born in Poland in 1950. He studied his primary and secondary studies in Poland . Already at a very young age, Meir shows a passion for art. His poems show a maturity of sentiments and in depth observations. Meir is not only artistically sensible and mature but he also has an amazing spiritual profundity.

Thanks to his creative mind, his tales and stories experienced an immediate success.
In 1970 Meir immigrated with his parents to Israel.

Having completed his military service, Meir return to his studies at the Haifa university where he completes a Master in Sociology and Economy. This is but a brief interlude however as he is encouraged by his father to turn instead to sculpture.

Sculpture is a fascinating, magic new world for Meir that enables him to express himself by way of shapes, forms and images.

Poetry that did not enables him to express himself to the full in words is now transformed into abstract and very expressive forms. At last he is able to give free reign to sentiments which express movements, whirl around unorderly thus essence of the influence of Polish culture, Slavic sensibility also the very sentiment that the returning to Israel , the Land of his Ancestors has arisen in him. At the same time he is able to express his deep love for nature, and the beauty and charm of the Galilee . At last Meir is able to live a full life. Meir has become intoxicated by a new spiritual life.

In the aesthetics of Meir’s sculptures, we discover the autodidactic graces thanks to which the purity of his originality has not been damaged. We can easily observe that thanks to his great talent and his delicate sensitivity, Meir succeeds in expressing decency and discretion even in his more erotic sculptures – eroticism is seldom absent in his sculptures.

The elegance and clarity of the forms give way only to the delicate fluidity of transcendence. But in the shadow of his mind we still feel the presence of the scars left in the depth of his soul by the tragedy of the Holocaust.

Meir mainly exhibits his work through private Art collectors and in artistic circles. His works have been sold in Israel, the United States and Germany.