Shifi Ettinger

Shifi Ettinger

Shifi Ettinger was born in Israel in 1976. Art was very much part of the family, as M. Ettinger, Shifi’s father was himself a very talented photographer. His photographs were of an artistic value. As a child Shifi, pays much attention to her fathers professionalism in his work, the way he chose the angles of a photograph and the way he framed them. Shifi, early in her life became a talented photographer.

Shifi, had a tremendous passion for drawing and even before the age of 10 yrs frequented many art lessons. At the age of 12 yrs she started painting with oil paint on canvas.

Shifi devoted more and more time to painting even although this was detrimental to her studies. This was a situation that her parents were not at all happy with. They would have liked Shifi to study a profession that would earn a comfortable living and make her independent. Shifi however preferred art and in particular painting. These differences created clashes between Shifi and her parents.

Shifi was torn between her tender love for her parents on the one hand and her passion and appeal she had for her art on the other hand. For Shifi the passion for art got the upper hand and prevailed.

At the age of 20 yrs having completed her military training Shifi left home and Israel for the USA. She continued her studies at “the School of Visual Arts” where she studies Visual Art, Fine Art and Graphic Design.

During one of her exhibitions in the streets of New York, Shifi attracts the attention of a woman artist who suggest of a common exhibition in a big gallery in Shine – Broadway. The exhibition is a success. However shifi, nevertheless decides to continue her travels across the USA.

Often we travel out of curiosity, with hope to discover new horizons or with the goal to discover a new culture. By traveling, Shifi hoped to discover new environments and new artistic conceptions.

After several months of traveling across the USA through the Middle West, the South and California, Shifi decides to continue her travels to Mexico.

Mexico, its “special light” gaudy colors excited shifi. She did not paint much but photographed a lot of photographs. Shifi remains nearly a year in Mexico before leaving for Pavones – in Costa Rico where she remains for 4 years.

Shifi is very happy in Pavones. She enjoys the Sea, nature and the kindness of the local population. In Pavones she returns to painting, her great love. Her art portrays her inner happiness as does her photographs.

Shifi moves on from Pavones to Jaco Hermosa, a charming little town frequented mainly by tourists. Photography allows her to make a comfortable living, but her free time is devoted to her painting. Shifi is successful with her paintings and exhibits in several galleries among others 12Luna – Jaco Hermosa.

Shifi sells paintings to photography colleagues and private Art Collectors but mainly through galleries in the USA, Mexico and Costa Rico.

By 2010 Shifi has had enough of traveling and returns to Israel. Her paintings are elegant, decorative and imaginative. Her pictures appeal not only to our sensitivity but also to our spirituality initiating the Shifi stream of Art – “Imaginatism”.

We are witnessing a general return towards more artistic painting, which contains a great deal of sentiment relating to a new path of real humanism with a shape more delicate, more kind , more generous and a great deal more affection. A return towards love of your neighbor.

Are we therefore entering a new “Mentalism” wrapped in an imagination full of poetry? Only future will tell.