Mission of SkaldART

Nowadays a great number of people create or try to create works of art. Some artists are talented, others less. We at SkaldART, try to discover those talented artists, the ones capable to express in their painting, in their carving, the sensitiveness, the poetry and/or this special beauty absent at first sight. We are on the look out for this special poetry expressed by forms and colors. We are looking for talented artists, young or mature and once revealed, we do our best to sell their work so they can dedicate all their time to their creativity.

During many years we visited exhibitions, museums, workshops and fairs, as well as antiquities shops in order to find works offering the warmth and beauty of poetry and through which we discover the sensitiveness of the artist.

Every person capable to appreciate, to imagine de discreet delicacy and subtleness of the movement in a carving or the play of light in a painting deserves to own a work of art. Through this work of art he will gain a better concept to what makes life more pleasant: poetry, beauty, sensitiveness. A newly acquired work of art will become very soon an integral part of your home and even after years it will have the merit to bring you joy and pleasure.